Young Woman Installs Charity Food Fridge Outside Bread Store

Zou Manning, a young bakery manager [Qianjiang Evening News]


bakery manager from east China's Zhejiang Province has been giving disadvantaged local people around 60 pieces of bread each day from a special freebie fridge installed by the front of her store.

The charitable woman, Zou Manning, said the idea came from her travel experiences in Japan and France several years ago.

Zou recalled that she saw staff put free sushi outside the back door of the shop after it closed. Seeing such behavior, Zou said that she felt warmth in her heart and hoped to do the same in her own country.

Meanwhile, Zou recalled that her family's financial condition was not good when she was a young child. Hence, she has maintained a deep understanding of how hard life is for impoverished people.

Zou stated that her bakery used to give some unsold bread to the local public welfare home before. But now, she hopes to assist even more people in this direct-minded way.

On November 17, Zou's "caring refrigerator" officially opened to the public. It is not a small sum of money to produce over 60 pieces of bread every day to give away for free, a local reporter commented.

However, Zou claimed, "I will insist on doing this as long I have the ability to do so."

In addition, thanks to Zou's influence, many people around her and some shop owners in the local area have been moved by her example and pledged to help underprivileged groups as well.


Zo's "caring refrigerator" [Qianjiang Evening News]

(Source: Qianjiang Evening News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

Editor: Jane Wang

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