Life is only once, either to be extraordinary or just plain life


An Award-winning Filipino Artist, international school art teacher and Founding Owner of Jensen Moreno Fine Arts Philippines, Beijing Artists Group


interview by John Xiong Qin


“ Life is only once, either to be extraordinary or just plain life,” says Ms. Jensen

Moreno, who was born on January 21, 1984 in Orion Bataan, Luzon, northeastern of greater Manila metropolis. Jensen Moreno’s art voyage began in her homeland, the Philippines. Since its inception, her mastery of the arts motivated her to succeed more and more.


Her tertiary and postgraduate studies traced back to her academic years at the University of St. Thomas (UST) where she had obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts majored (majoring) in Painting before she proceeded with a Master of Fine Arts.


During the period of June 7th-20th, 2019, “ Phenomenal-Jensen Moreno’s 7th

Solo Painting Exhibition” was being held at Poly International Plaza in Beijing, and she was the first Filipino artist to exhibit with the a solo painting showcase at this prestigious location. We catch up with the rising artist for an inside look at her background and her creative work.


When did you come to Beijing from the Philippines ? Why did you choose Beijing rather than the other major cities in China as your destination being an expatriate ?


I came to China in 2013 and my first stop was in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where I had worked there for two years before I left for Foshan City for one year, but continued moving up to Beijing on July 27, 2014. I had never thought that I would be living in China and would be enjoying the unlimited possibilities in Beijing. Six years later after my arrival in this Chinese capital city, I was married with three beautiful daughters and life has been wonderful for me and my family.


How did you manage your relocation to China as a newcomer at that time by overcoming the difficulties or obstacles that you might have encountered to continue your painting career ?


I have always been prepared for new adventures since I was young. And (should not start sentence with 'and') difficulties or obstacles were never new to me, so I expected they would be on the way while relocating myself to China, and I have had confidence that I can find solutions to any of the problems, which should be one of the gifts that I must be thankful for (should not end sentence with a preposition). Being used to juggling many tasks at the same time, I also find myself getting better on at doing it. It challenges me and it is quite unbelievably exciting as well, so it just keeps me going. Without these challenges, life will would be so boring. Although it is tiring, I have been able to paint in the midst of my busy full-time job as an art teacher at an international school in Beijing. Teaching is a noble job where from which I get inspirations from as well, and my young students keep me lively and energetic as they remind me of my childhood when I was living with my grandparents. When I was in Foshan, I was quite disappointed with my working condition. It did not bring me satisfaction, particularly, and accomplishment on of expressing my creativity. The place where my daughter and I stayed in Foshan was depressing and very challenging to get inspiration from (should not end sentence with a preposition). Despite the unpleasant things I experienced, I still was able to make a painting and a portrait sculpture made of clay. They are two of the most expressive works that I have ever done where viewers can see and feel the loneliness, frustration and sadness on in my works.


As a creative artist, looking back, what have been the most challenging aspects about starting and running your own brand?  What have been the most satisfying? Who are your customers?


The Jensen Moreno Fine Arts I would say is still one of the thriving brands in the art scene as we just started it 2 years ago with the official logo, the art book and prints on mugs and postcards. There is still more to come in terms of the business side of it. The most fulfilling part is when people appreciate all the hard work we have put into developing the brand, setting the high standards and setting the trend. Our clients and patrons are anywhere from both expatriate and Chinese friends, relatives, celebrities and diplomats in China and beyond.


What are some of your favorite creative concepts and art-related stuffs? Your motto " Life is only once, either to be extraordinary or just plain life " needs you to sustain a huge perseverance and direct a great concentrated objective, how have you been motivated to make it as you pass along the unforeseen road being an artist ? 


People have been the greatest inspiration of for my creative endeavors. Through people I was brought to places and experiences that I have never expected, and it was all fun in the end. Sometimes, I just laugh at the bad experiences in the past. Still it was good that I experienced them; otherwise I will would not have learned as much as I did. Some parts of my early life are not so nice to tell, but it is what it is. Things happen, but learning from the past is the most important thing so that we can design our future better. Life is only once and before you know it, it’s over. Regrets are normal, but then you realize what happened is just a small part of the big picture. I have always dreamt of a happy and complete family that I had never had, but now I have it and it is even better than what I have envisioned. And (should not start sentence with 'and') because of my positive beliefs, I was able to sustain that huge perseverance on for my goals in life. I have never given up and I will never in the future. We always have a choice, so I can choose and opt for the best as best as I can. Every painting exhibition gives me the opportunity to do my best (as well as all the other things that I do in my life). Besides painting, my passion continues in Fashion and Design. And (should not start sentence with 'and') the moment I put my attention to focus on something, I know that it will be a success. The major successes that I have been achieving also came from the biggest failures I have had. The influences of my works are not from power, wealth, popularity nor luxury. The art world has been in concentratedion on the most expensive pieces of art recently. I believe that everything comes with a price, but the value of one’s work must be measured on by how much heart and soul was devoted to the creation of such a job. I give feelings to my works but not as much as the feelings I get from them when they are done. It is such a phenomenal feeling that I can create something out of love, and love is the source of my inspiration. Metaphorically, my children are creations out of love. The family that we are trying to build within this love is wonderful and PHENOMENAL.


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