Woman, 107, Shares Secret of Longevity

Zhang Shuchao [Sina Weibo]


A 107-year-old woman from the city of Guiyang in southwest China's Guizhou Province credits her long life to positive attitude, her daughter-in-law's good care and healthy eating, Guizhou City News reported on Monday.

Zhang Shuchao, born in South China's Guangdong province on November 2, 1909, speaks fluent Cantonese.

"My mother-in-law smiles and says hello to everyone she meets. The seniors living nearby all like to visit and chat with her," said Jiang Xiuwen, Zhang's daughter-in-law.

Jiang has a tailor's shop and Zhang often volunteers to help with sewing.

"I do not ask her to do the sewing, since I am not sure whether she can do it. But she is proficient in operating the sewing machine," said Jiang.

Jiang added the centenarian likes doing something on her own. She knitted sweaters and hats when she was between 100 and 105. She added that the sweaters and hats she made are beautiful and of quality.

When neighbors and friends came to visit her, the old woman gave them the sweaters and hats as presents. She also receives many presents from the neighbors.

"Zhang's happy life has something to do with her good daughter-in-law," said Zhang's neighbor surnamed Liu.

Liu said: "Though Jiang's family lives on a minimum standard, Jiang tries her best to take care of the old woman. Jiang stews a chicken for Zhang each week, and helps the old woman bathe and put on clean clothes each day. Besides, Jiang never talks back to the centenarian."

The centenarian's good eating habit also contributes to her long life.

Zhang takes small portions at each meal, has five meals every day, with one bowl of rice in each meal. She likes eating vegetables, noodles, and drinking milk and apple juice regularly.

Zhang also enjoys reading newspaper every day and sharing interesting news with others.

"Reading news on a daily basis exercises the old woman's brain. We think that also has contributed to her long life," said one of Zhang's family members.

(Source: China Daily)

Editor: Joyce Dong

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