Wang Xin: Female Doctor of Psychology Becomes Guide Dog Trainer

Wang Xin (R) accompanies a vision-impaired man to conduct training, along with the guide dog Kenta. [ Pingping]


A woman who received a doctorate in psychology after 10 years' study in Japan, chose an unusual career of training guide dogs for the vision-impaired when she returned to her hometown of Dalian, a city in northeast China's Liaoning Province, in 2010.

After years of efforts, Wang Xin revealed that she has become a professional guide dog trainer in the city.

When talking about the reason for choosing this job, Wang said that when she was studying in Japan in 2009, she was shocked by her vision-impaired mother's words through their video chat that her guide dog could lead her to the nearby park and the morning market.

"Some vendors always place their items here and there in the fair and it may be difficult for the normal person to walk, let alone the disabled," Wang held a doubtful attitude towards her mother's remarks.

"Over the years, I have not accompanied my mother to the morning fair," Wang added.

When she was two and a half years old, Wang said that she began leading her mother to her workplace every morning and would then go to kindergarten herself.

In 2010, she finally returned to her hometown from Japan. In order to confirm whether her mother's dog could lead the way correctly or not, Wang secretly followed her mother when she went out one day.

To her great surprise, the guide dog led her mother, helping her to avoid big and small obstacles when she was walking on the road, Wang concluded. Meanwhile, she recalled that when she was waiting for a bus nearby her home on a rainy day in winter, her mother even took an umbrella for her with the assistance of the guide dog.

Her mother said excitedly, "I can take an umbrella for you on rainy days as you always hoped I would when you were a young child. Now, I can finally do it with the help of my guide dog."

From then on, the young woman realized that the guide dog would not only assist the vision-impaired find their way but also inspire their enthusiasm and confidence in life when they could finally do things by themselves.

Hence, Wang was very curious about what kind of persons could train such magical dogs and she also wanted to join their ranks.

After learning about the recruitment information, Wang immediately gave up her secure and well-paid job in a foreign company and filed her resume.

Since working as a guide dog trainer, Wang said that she has totally become a "manual worker." She revealed that she has to walk tens of kilometers every day to train the dogs. Moreover, Wang said that she was allergic to ultraviolet light. Therefore, she had to wear a hat, gloves and a mask even throughout the hot summer.

However, despite this, Wang has still held an enthusiastic attitude towards her work in the past few years.

Being 36 years old now, Wang has not found a partner yet. In recent days, she has had frequent dates. When someone asked whether she could change her job if she had a baby after marrying, Wang gave an answer without hesitating for a second: "No way. The guide dogs are like my children. Who takes care of them if I am absent?"

Wang claimed that the source of her happiness was training more guide dogs to help disadvantaged people like her mother and assisting them to do things and visit places they never could before.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

By Yin PingpingEditor: Jane Wang

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