SWAT Policewoman Beats Male Counterparts in Muscle Contest

Zhong Xingyue (front) and four male racers of the contest [Shanghai Daily]


policewoman in north China's Tianjin beat her male counterparts to win an abdominal muscle challenge competition organized by the Youth League Committee of the city's public security bureau.

The 23-year-old SWAT police officer Zhong Xingyue, the only female in the contest, won the championship with 8,798 votes from among 31 finalists. Close to a 100 people signed for the competition.

Zhong joined SWAT in Beijing in 2010 after graduating as a dance major in Anhui Province. She joined Tianjin's SWAT unit in 2014.

She has mastered multiple skills such as firing a long-barreled gun and handgun, and also excels in boxing and abseiling.


Zhong Xingyue practices during a training.[Shanghai Daily]

Zhong Xingyue [Shanghai Daily]


(Source: Shanghai Daily)

Editor: Joyce Dong

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