Particular Work Burden: How Do Tall Pediatricians Treat Child Patients?

A screen grab from WeChat shows the photo of the doctor kneeling down to treat a boy, with a parent's comment below. []


Pediatricians all over the world face a similarly unique work dilemma: should they constantly lower their head to look at child patients, or do they crouch or kneel down to meet youngsters at their own eye-level?

Guo Aihua, a doctor from Shanghai Children's Hospital, recently became a role model on China's instant messaging app WeChat for her use of such a child-friendly pose.

In a photo shot by a youngster's mom, this 172-centimeter-high doctor got down on her knees to locate a boy's acupuncture points during a treatment session for Chinese Traditional Medicine.

The number of junior patients at the Shanghai hospital can peak at 300 a day, which has meant that some doctors continuously crouch down during their shifts.

Numerous netizens have shown their respect and gratitude to Guo. "It is hard to imagine how many times that doctor has had to crouch in one day. Her professional work ethics deserve our earnest respect," one commentator wrote.

However, Guo remained humble and said, "All medical workers are fulfilling their job responsibilities in their respective posts. We would kindly remind parents to protect their children from getting cold, as winter is a season with a high risk for getting flu."

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

By Huang YangziEditor: Rong Chen

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