Girl with Cerebral Palsy Publishes 3rd Book

Wang Yi types with one finger at the book launch to express her gratitude. [People's Daily Online]

Wang Yi's new book [People's Daily Online]

Wang Yi, a girl with cerebral palsy, recently published her third book, "Youth in Wheelchair." A book launch was held for her at the Librairie Avant-grade in Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu Province on December 27.

In the preface of her new book, Wang Yi said that her cerebral palsy was caused by an injury that occurred at birth. Though she can't speak clearly, she longs for communication. So she writes down everything that happens in her life.

Wang Yi graduated from junior high school in 2007. Out of a love for literature and hope for a good life, she continued learning, reading and writing. She published her first book when she was 19. Wang Yi said that she hopes her book gives people a better understanding of the life of a disabled person, and makes them cherish their own lives.

Having lived with the disease for 26 years, Wang Yi can't walk independently, and her left hand is deformed. She operates her wheelchair and computer using only her right hand. Her new book was typed using just one finger of her right hand.

Her book was funded by 319 kindhearted people who donated a total of 18,319 yuan to help Wang Yi publish her book.

(Source: People's Daily Online)

Editor: Eileen Cheng(Woman of China)

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