Female Chinese Student Shot Dead in Arizona, Shooter Captured

Video clip of a car accident that eventually leads to the death of Chinese student Jiang Yue [chinanews.com]

A female Chinese student was shot to death Saturday in Arizona, an official from the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles confirmed Sunday.

Jiang Yue, a 19-year-old second-year student at the Arizona State University, was shot multiple times by 32-year-old white female Holly Davis, whose car hit Jiang's in front of a stop light in Tempe city, according to information released by the consulate.

While Jiang's male passenger and friend got off the car to check the damage, Davis walked to Jiang with a gun and shot her through the window, preliminary information showed.

The injured Jiang lost control of her car, which then collided with a third car that was carrying five passengers, including a pregnant woman and three children.

Davis fled but was captured by police soon after.

Jiang died after being sent to hospital. Jiang's passenger sustained minor injuries. The five passengers of the third car did not sustain any serious injuries.

Davis has been charged with premeditated first-degree murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct with a deadly weapon, local media quoted police as saying.

The Chinese consulate said Jiang's family in China has been informed and the consulate will closely watch the investigation and follow-up issues.

The consulate also urged the police to protect the legal rights of Chinese citizens in the United States.

(Source: Xinhua)

Editor: Kate Wu(woman of China)

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