Elderly Woman Aids 40 Disadvantaged People Within 12 Years

Elderly Woman Aids 40 Disadvantaged People Within 12 Years

Wang Huirong (front) [Huaxi Metropolis Daily]


A 73-year-old woman from southwest China's Sichuan Province has dedicated herself to caring for more than 40 disadvantaged people including disabled young people, impoverished students and elderly with no family over the past 12 years.

Wang Huirong revealed that eight such students have graduated from college with her assistance.

She took a homeless child in for the first time when her salary was just 500 yuan (U.S.$ 73), Wang said.

The total sum of money she has spent to help such people was over 10,000 yuan (U.S.$ 1,456) every year despite her monthly retirement pension only being around 2,000 yuan (U.S.$ 291), the elderly woman revealed.

Wang recalled that she visited a school several times in order to persuade the schoolmaster to reduce an impoverished student's tuition fees. Finally, multiple teachers and parents were so moved by Wang's behavior that they made regular donations to give a helping hand to the deprived student.

Meanwhile, Wang also tried her best to help a poverty-stricken child whose illiterate parents had difficulties finding work by asking people around her to provide relevant employment support.

Moreover, after learning of a youngster who suffered from cerebral palsy and wanted to start his own business, Wang immediately helped him purchase a computer and led him to open an online store.

In addition, Wang also made efforts to help a child who was imprisoned for his delinquency as his mother had passed away and his father was in prison. In order to show her concern for him, Wang regularly walked a long way to the prison and also spent four nights writing him a letter totaling over 2,000 words titled Child, You Wake Up after learning to use the computer by herself.

With her eight years of care, the youngster finally became aware of his errors and turned his back the wrong path. Now, the youngster can make a living by himself, Wang said.

However, in the course of helping others, Wang said that she was also cheated by a youngster who did not return the money she lent to him. The money was to cover the treatment fees for her son and she finally got it back through a lawsuit.

Despite this, her determination to assist those more vulnerable than her was unwavering and she still maintained a great passion for charity, Wang claimed.

Aside from this, Wang has also established a volunteer association to call on more people to contribute their efforts to public welfare events. So far, the number of volunteers in her association is over 500.

Under the volunteers' help, an 8-year-old child called Zhang Yang who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in 2000 has successfully overcome her physical defects and become a versatile youngster.

In 2014, Zhang's family was honored in the "Looking for the Most Beautiful Family" campaign in Sichuan and was also nominated for the "Looking for the Most Beautiful Family" campaign nationwide.

Although Wang has helped many people over the past few years, few people knew that she suffers severe LDP, which leads to urinary incontinence, and that she has to wear diapers every day in her work.

(Source: Huaxi Metropolis Daily/Translated and edited by Women of China)

Editor: Jane Wang

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