Elder Couple Holding Hands in Hospital Beds Touches Netizens

The photo shows a 92-year-old man holding hands with his wife in their hospital beds [Shanghai Daily]


A photo of a 92-year-old man holding hands with his wife in their beds in a hospital in Ningbo, east China's Zhejiang Province, on October 27 has gone viral and touched the hearts of many people.

The man surnamed Feng suffered serious coronary heart disease and was admitted to the ICU at the city's Yinzhou People's Hospital, according to Qianjiang Evening News. His wife was also hospitalized with a fractured femur at the same hospital.

Feng suffered multiple organ failure and decided to abandon treatment. He asked to see his wife and hold her hand again before he left the hospital.

Medical staff transferred the bed his wife was lying in from 14th floor to Feng's ICU on the third floor to let them see each other.

His wife told him: "I'll take care of myself and I'll find you when I'm recovered." The nurse on the scene was quite moved and took this photo on her mobile phone.

Their meet-up last for 20 minutes.

The old man passed away at home one hour after he left the hospital.

(Source: Shanghai Daily)

Editor: Joyce Dong

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