Devoted Teacher Spends 40 Yrs Advancing Education in Rural Village

Zhi Yueying and her students. [Xinhua/Wang Xiang]


A 55-year-old rural teacher from Fengxin County in east China's Jiangxi Province has spent the past 36 years promoting education in a mountainous village in the local region.

At the age of 19, Zhi Yueying left home for the remote place where traffic was sparse and the basic living conditions were rough and ready.

Upon arriving, Zhi put all her effort into raising money to build a school and a library for the local children. Aside from this, she also served as a teacher and was responsible for every subject including Chinese, maths and sports.

Moreover, the devoted woman usually helped young students by cooking their meals, washing their clothes and helping pay for their tuition fees.

In the three decades that have passed, Zhi says she has taught over 1,000 kids.

As she reached retirement age, she was worried no teacher would come to replace her. Therefore, she claimed, "As long as my health allows, I will continue teaching here."


Zhi gives a Chinese lesson in the classroom. [Xinhua/Wang Xiang]

Zhi gives a sports lesson in the school's playground. [Xinhua/Wang Xiang]

Zhi coaches a student in maths exercises. [Xinhua/Wang Xiang]

Children play at the school. [Xinhua/Wang Xiang]

Zhi (R1) pays a visit to a student's home. [Xinhua/Wang Xiang]

Zhi takes some medicine. [Xinhua/Wang Xiang]

Zhi and her students walk on a rough road. [Xinhua/Wang Xiang]

(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)


Editor: Jane Wang

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