Celebrate Mardi Gras at Caravan Tuesday Evening

It will be hard to distinguish a Mardi Gras celebration from the regular revelry of Spring Festival this year, but that isn't stopping some people from trying.

Caravan is turning on the New Orleans Tueday evening, promising "Jambalayas, Gumbos, Sazeracs, Hurricanes, Bourbon Street Peach Teas, live music, and DJ sets."

There once was a time spots like Louisiana and The Big Easy wouldhav ejoined in the fun, but alas, they don't exist in Beijing anymore.

The event features DJ sets from the Beijinger's own MC Bootyclap andCousin Kippy. The RMB 60 entrance fee includes a drink and a mask.

Click here for more information. Starts at 6pm, goes well into Ash Wednesday.

Photo courtesy of Caravan

By:Steven Schwankert(thebeijinger)

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Bobbie: Now we know who the seilbnse one is here. Great post!