Careless Mom Drives SUV Away as 7-Year-Old Son Gives Chase

A screenshot of the surveillance video []

Carelessness is usually not such a big deal, but on some occassions it can cost you big time. A woman in Zhuji, east China's Zhejiang Province, carelessly left her son alone on the roadside and drove away, almost losing him.

At about 9 am on December 25, a woman, surnamed Li, called the police for help as her 7-year-old son was missing.

"I drove to take a relative of mine to the railway station, and my son sat with my relative in the backseat," Li said.

She then drove off after dropping her relative at the station.

As Li was driving out of the railway station, she noticed vehicles around her were constantly blaring their horns. Thinking that she may have blocked others' way, she stepped on the gas to drive faster.

After driving for more than one kilometer, a taxi caught up with her and cut in her way. The taxi driver asked Li why a little boy was chasing after her SUV. Only then did Li suddenly realized her son was not in the backseat. The boy that had been spotted chasing the car was now nowhere in sight.

The police instantly began searching. A video recorded on a surveillance camera in the railway station shows that the moment a boy in a black coat got out of Li's SUV, the vehicle moved. The boy tried to open and hit the rear door, but the SUV did not slow down, only increased speed.

Images from other surveillance cameras show the boy chasing the SUV for a long time but failing to catch up.

Policemen searched the area around the spot where the boy was last seen. After one hour, he was found walking alone two kilometers from the railway station.

When Li arrived at the police station and saw her son, she instantly held him in her arms and cried. She was full of remorse for her carelessness.


Editor: Joyce Dong

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