Beijing issues first personal protection order to a man

We generally believe that women are the victims of domestic violence, but on Saturday, Beijing issued the first personal protection order to a man who claimed to be a victim of domestic violence for more than half a year.

The man, called Zhang, said he and his wife, Li, always quarrelled after their marriage. Li beat him for the first time this May and his injury sent him to hospital. Several days ago, a similar incident happened and this time he called the police.

Zhang said Li never thought of how her behavior frightened their child to tears. Li also abused Zhang's mother.

Zhang finally decided to protect himself through the law. He filed for divorce last month. As his wife is nursing their child, his divorce was suspended. Zhang applied for a personal protection order and delivered the evidence to court.

Based on the photos, medical record and diagnosis, the Mentougou district court issued a protection order to Zhang, urging Li to stop the abuse and harassment. The order is valid for six months, if Li violates the order during the time, she can be fined and even subject to criminal prosecution.

China's first anti-domestic violence law was adopted by Chinese legislature at the end of last year and took effect in March.

It is a landmark move to bring silent abuse victims under legal protection.

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