How to protect yourself from assault

The incident where a woman was reportedly attacked by a man in the hallway of a four-star hotel has shocked the public and raised safety concerns.

An internet user who is a professional working in sexual harassment field offered these tips on an online forum to help fight off assault.

1. Scream for help immediately when faced with serious provocation or harassment as that would draw public attention.

2. Call police as soon as you get the chance. The victim grabbed the chance to call police when the suspect was distracted by the hotel staff.

Calling police is a good way to deter assailant and your resolve will most likely force the perpetrator to flee.

3. Never give up, even at the last minute. The woman did not stop fighting the attacker even when he was dragging her to the stairway.

4. Report the crime to police after escaping the attack and share the experience with as many people as possible to let more people to know and be on the alert.

More importantly, if you ever witness such harassment or assault, make sure to call police or intervene yourself to stop the violence irrespective of whether the parties involved are couple or not. But don't intervene at the risk of your own life.

By Liu Wei (

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