China to tighten rules on baby formula

BEIJING -- China will tighten its regulation on baby formula after a recent scandal, an official statement said on Wednesday. 

All infant formula sold in China, including those purchased through cross-border e-commerce, must be registered with the country's food and drug authorities, said an online statement of the tariff department of the Ministry of Finance. 

The new policy will take effect from 2018. 

The government will publish a list of approved products, the statement said.


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Joyelle: could have come straight from the British go;87nment&#e21rvs spin masters. And yes I agree Lloyd,about Sheehan, but I ignore him until he produces crap like the loneliness of liberal students, which apart from the anti-semitic lie ti casts on teh left, is good for a laugh. I still click on Grattan on the off chance there might be something interesting or insightful; something that is not gossip dressed up as analysis. No luck so far. Maybe The National Times is actually working, making us comment on crap articles.