Brave Learner

Learning is a process which has a beginning but no end. People are held by their negative assumptions and delusions that intelligence is an inborn gift. Researchers have shown that everyone has the ability to become intelligent by Learning. Even there are some mental disorders which can be controlled to some extent by learning.


At the time of our birth, our brain is like a computer machine with no software. From the time of birth, the five senses of our body brings the information from our surrounding and then gives it to the brain. With time our brain stores the information brought by the five senses of our body and at every moment of our lives, new information is being added to the old one. This is how we get programed and this is how we all learn. As the muscle grows by exercising and working-out. In the same way, our brain grows by working, struggling, traveling and Learning. The way we talk, act, eat, behave etc; all depends on how our brains have been programed. Here are some ways by which you can improve your learning creativity.


1. Learn by making mistakes The most striking thing about Learning is to make mistakes. Most of the people are afraid of making mistakes. In fact we all learn by mistakes. So, don't be afraid of making mistakes. Making mistakes is an integral part of learning and the two are inseparable from each other.


2. Learn by Challenging yourself Give your Challenge and work on it until you finish it. It will give you courage to face the challenges of life.


3. Be social Go and talk with the people of different ideas and visions. Not only just with your friends but the people who you never met before. Travel to nearby places. This will broaden your vision, opens your mind and increase your creativity.


Brain is a beautiful and amazing time machine. Its gonna amaze you and the people around you by one thing and that is Learning. At the end i am gonna summarize it with the beautiful thought of Albert Einstein, to whom people used to call genius, who once had said, '' i have no special talents. I am only passionately curious''.

I hope you will get some benefits from this article. My name is Osman, a student of Medicine, passionate about creative things.

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